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  • matchcape.com is an online dating and communication service.
  • These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to all and any use of matchcape.com and all and any postings, emails, messages and other communications made to or using it.
  • By using matchcape.com you undertake that you are over 18 years of age and are able to accept these Terms.
  • By using matchcape.com you agree to be bound by these Terms.
  • If you do not accept these Terms you should not use matchcape.com and should not make any Communications.
  • matchcape.com may make alterations to these terms and conditions at any time and these variations shall become immediately effective upon being accessible from www.matchcape.com/terms.
  • By using matchcape.com you undertake that you have the necessary hardware, software and capability required for Communications, email and web usage and understand and accept that matchcape.com make no representation or warranty that matchcape.com will operate with your system.

Use of matchcape.com

  • You may download and use matchcape.com solely for your private, non-commercial, personal use only.
  • You may not sub-license or deal in this right without matchcape.com”s prior written permission.
  • Accordingly, you undertake not to:
    • use matchcape.com for any commercial or business purpose;
    • use your access to matchcape.com, or information gathered from it, for the sending of unsolicited bulk email.

Copyright, Trade Marks and other Intellectual Property Rights

  • All copyright, design rights, database right, patents, and any rights to inventions, know-how, trade and business names, trade secrets and trade marks (whether registered or unregistered) and any applications therefor (“Intellectual Property Rights”) in matchcape.com belong to and vest in matchcape.com, or are licensed to matchcape.com unless otherwise specified. All such rights of matchcape.com are hereby asserted and reserved.
  • You may not and warrant that you will not:
    • hack, attempt to hack, distribute, modify, transmit, re-use any or all of matchcape.com or the information contained therein for any purpose other than as set out above;
    • make any public or commercial use without matchcape.com’s prior written consent;
    • provide hypertext links, URL Links, graphic links, hyperlinks or other direct connection for profit or gain to matchcape.com without matchcape.com’s prior written permission;
    • display, publish, copy, print, post or otherwise use matchcape.com and the information contained therein for the benefit of any third party or web site without matchcape.com’s prior written consent;
    • process or otherwise use the information contained on or within matchcape.com for any illegal or immoral purpose nor use or process the same unfairly.
    • You must retain all copyright notices and other proprietary notices contained on matchcape.com.


  • Third party web sites with links from matchcape.com have not been verified or reviewed by matchcape.com and use and access of such third party web sites is made at your own risk.
  • The username and password issued to you is personal to you in order to facilitate your use of and access to matchcape.com and shall not be disclosed to any third party without matchcape.com’s prior written consent.
  • In the event that you believe your password may have been compromised you should inform matchcape.com immediately as you are responsible for all and any misuse of your password for which matchcape.com shall have no responsibility.
  • All email communications sent by matchcape.com and attachments thereto are intended only for the addressee and/or others authorised to receive them.


  • matchcape.com is engaged in the business of providing an entertainment and information service and ancillary to this is engaged in the transmission, storage, retrieval, hosting, formatting or translation of third party communications without selection or alteration of the content of any communication for which it is a mere conduit.
  • You agree and accept that matchcape.com has no responsibility to review the content of the Communications on matchcape.com all of which are made available on the basis that matchcape.com shall not be required to exercise any control or judgement of the content or the material posted or contained therein.
  • The views expressed in any Communications are the views of the individual authors and not those of matchcape.com unless specified otherwise by matchcape.com. In particular but without limitation to the above matchcape.com is not responsible for and disclaims all liability in respect of any comments, views or remarks expressed in any Communications.
  • matchcape.com gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy, currency or validity of the information and material contained within the Communications or matchcape.com and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of any use of such material.
  • In the event that you are unhappy with any content found in a Communication on matchcape.com you should contact FreeDating.
  • matchcape.com reserves the right to remove, partially remove or edit any Communication at its sole discretion.
  • You agree and undertake that you will not use matchcape.com in such a way, or post to or transmit to matchcape.com any statement, material or Communication, that:
    • is unlawful or which gives rise to civil or criminal liability;
    • infringes the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party;
    • contains anything technically harmful such as computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or other malicious software or harmful data;
    • is or may be interpreted as being abusive, pornographic, aggressive, defamatory, untrue, discriminatory, violent, obscene, inflammatory, racist in any way whatsoever or harasses any person;
    • may be deemed a marketing or commercial communication or promotes the products or services of any person other than matchcape.com;
    • promotes any illegal or unlawful activity including but not limited to terrorism, solicitation, gambling or the sale of prescription medicines, drugs or weapons;
    • is aimed at persons under the age of 18 or which seeks or attempts to make any arrangement to meet a child under the age of 16 with intent to abuse them or which may have such a meeting as its object or effect;
    • contains any restricted material, including but not limited to passwords, medical information, classified government or military information or confidential information of any person;
    • brings matchcape.com into disrepute; or
    • solicits, invites, encourages, advocates, incites or provokes any or all of the foregoing.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless matchcape.com against all liability it may have in respect of and arising out of your use of the matchcape.com Services and your Communications.


  • Comprised in the Dating Service may be access to a Forum via the website whereby you may publish messages for viewing by other users. The terms of this Agreement will apply to the use of the Forum and all content posted thereon.
  • Only account holders will be permitted access to the Forum.
  • The Forum is accessed and used by you at your own risk.
  • You acknowledge and accept that the information, data, images and other material which may be posted on the Forum by users do not originate from matchcape.com and do not necessarily reflect the views of matchcape.com.
  • If you wish to report any material on the Forum which you believe to be defamatory, obscene, offensive or otherwise illegal, you should contact matchcape.com immediately.
  • matchcape.com reserves the right to remove or delete any information, data, images and other material from the Forum at its sole discretion.
  • You will fully indemnify and keep indemnified matchcape.com against all costs, claims, liabilities and expenses incurred by matchcape.com or arising from any claim or proceedings by any third party brought against matchcape.com arising out of any misuse of the Forum or the infringement of any Intellectual Property Rights by you.

Important Note:

You use matchcape.com at entirely your own risk. It is a known risk of internet usage that people are not necessarily who they say they are. Users must be over 18 years old but people may provide information or behave in a way that is unreliable, misleading, unlawful or illegal. matchcape.com have no way of telling if statements made by other visitors are true. This is a decision that can only be made at your discretion and the exercise of some degree of caution is recommended. By using matchcape.com and its services you accept that this is the case and accept the risk associated therewith. matchcape.com ask that users take particular care in relation to the disclosure of their own personal information including surname, address, email address, telephone number, place of work and places they visit.

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